Love 2.0

As expected, nobody is reading my blog. I’ve been reading the tips on WordPress. It seems as though I need to start becoming a social media blogging butterfly. However, I am currently taking an extended leave of absence from Facebook. You see, for a long period in my life, Facebook came to dominate me to the extent that I would get up in the morning and check it, go to work and check it, run out on lunch and check it, drive home and check it, eat dinner and check it and so on ad infinitum. I don’t take pictures and I certainly don’t particularly care what 99% of the people Facebook deems my friends are doing or thinking at any given time during the day. No, my Facebook love affair was precisely that – a doomed love affair.

Having met, fallen for ,and subsequently broken up and gotten back together roughly a hundred times, with a girl in a foreign country, Facebook was the only practical means of communication. The problem is, that Facebook is also far too public for my liking. I’m a little bit old school when it comes to public displays of affection. That said, Absence makes the heart grow fonder so I went along with the general zeitgeist and conducted a strictly social media based relationship for six of the most excruciating months of my life. Would every post be the last?

For anybody considering conducting a long distance relationship in digital format, my advice is this: Don’t do it! Delete your Facebook. If it means that much to you, pack your bags and go to them. Rob a bank if you can’t afford it. It’s either that or call a spade a spade and move on. The main facets of a Facebook relationship are digital text messages and photographs. It is too easy to write text with good intentions but almost impossible to imbue that text with anything approaching an emotional truth. Yes, you can proclaim your love publicly, garnished with ‘xxx’ and winking smiley emoticons , warding off potential suitors who no doubt hover over your loved ones cyberspace network. You can also send more detailed private messages about your inner emotions with the intent of conveying all your thoughts and feelings, but it’s all a fallacy. Real emotions are written in the face of your significant other. A forlorn sidewards glance tells you have crossed a boundary just as a lazy placing of a hand on a shoulder tells you that you may be in for a treat later. The eyes communicate more than a thousand words could ever hope to when locked into one another’s gaze. Photographs are hopeless. We are, ultimately, hypersaturated and bombarded by images in our everyday lives. I see so many images that, at least for me, photographs have no inherent meaning to anybody but those who took them or at least appear in them. Seeing a photograph of a loved one captures a moment which you can only imagine to be something it probably wasn’t. You can wish you were there but you can never be. You have no real context with which to understand the image. You are only an impotent voyeur. This is not the basis for a healthy relationship.

Perhaps I am being to hard on Facebook and long distance relationships. After all, had a happy ending transpired, I would probably be waxing lyrical about the benefits of love 2.0. To be honest, crazy love is to blame. The kind of love that makes you forget who or what you are is doomed. I still use Facebook to communicate with friends and family in the old country. I certainly won’t be deleting my account for fear of losing touch with the rag tag selection of acquaintances I have made overseas. However, my personal life will from here on in be restricted to me and the people who occupy it directly. There is no room for a Web 2.0 platform.

A final Irony: I have just written a personal (though anonymous) blog post. I, for one, will not be linking it to my Facebook.

3 Responses to “Love 2.0”
  1. melissadarby says:

    Haha facebook is a doomed love affair, so true…Very nice read, I have subscribed 🙂 xx

  2. Carla says:

    I’ve got another little piece of irony for you: you write about your personal feelings in such a good way, that about 5 people from the elective have recommended your blog to me….
    They are right, I really enjoy reading it!

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